Unibase website and illustrations

Unibase website & illustrations

I got the assignment to improve the website for an IT-company in Gothenburg – Unibase.

The purpose was to create a website that describes Unibase as a company, provides an overview of their services, communicates their values and makes it easier to recruit new colleagues. One of the challenges was to find a visual expression to differentiate Unibase from other IT-companies in the region.

Mobile first

To ensure that the website works well on mobile devices, I started creating the interaction flows for the smallest mobile device. The overall functionality of the site was mapped out with wireframes and a basic prototype to make sure that it would be easy to navigate.

Unibase wireframes

Exploring the visual expression

Once the structure had been refined, it was time to start exploring the visual expression. Below are some early concepts that didn’t make it to the end.

Concepts that did not make it to the end

UI elements

After a couple of iterations and discussions with Unibase, the final concept started to take shape. The layout for mobile and desktop was refined and prototyped in Figma.

UI building blocks


Finding the right colors was a challenge, but eventually it landed on blue, orange and mint! With a touch of grey.


To create a unique expression for Unibase I wanted to contribute with some illustrations. The one below was my first suggestion, but after some discussions and compromises it was decided to reduce the amount of orange.

IT hardware, including servers, laptops, and mice.Landing page.IT infrastructure.Support page.Software development.

The content

I wrote the texts for this website, which also included some search optimization. The overall idea was to focus on the positive social aspects of Unibase, aiming for creating a welcoming impression and avoiding long, heavy texts. Images were provided by Unibase.

Check out Unibase’s website here.


Websites need a favicon. Below are a few variations I made for Unibase.

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