Educational Tool

Educational tool for assistant nurses

Based on findings from a research project about how to best educate personnel on how to handle GPS-alarms, an interface was created for mobile and desktop use.

Specific requirements for the project were; the interface should be usable both on mobile and desktop, keep it simple to make it easy for a programmer to implement.

I developed user flows, wireframes, illustrations, interactive prototypes, evaluated the user experience, and eventually managed the content and the chosen Moodle platform. The project was a collaboration between Posifon AB and researchers from University of Skövde.

Educational tool on Macbook

The process

I was the only designer involved in the project so my role was to create a solution based on Posifon’s vision and the result of their research project. The main user flow was created together with Posifon during workshops.

It was important to connect back to the end users and involve them in the evaluation of the findings and the prototypes. I did this through interviews and scenario enactments. Unfortunately, the situation with the coronavirus limited my access to the nurses.

I used Adobe XD to create prototypes. I started with the mobile interface, this approach helped me to reduce the amount of information that could fit on the screen. Based on the mobile version, components were later adapted to the desktop interface. This was the first “real” user interface I created, and besides the usability testing, I relied on usability and accessibility guidelines.

Design process

The content

The prototype was used to explore different ways of learning; taking short quizzes, entering simulations based on using the real system for handling GPS-alarms and scenarios to discuss and reflect upon more complex situations.

Web view

The administrator and the participant

Two different modes were created, the administrator role and participant role, with different interfaces to enable the administrator to publish courses suitable for the specific group of students. The needs differ between municipalities, and it was important to be able to assign relevant content depending on the specific occupations.

Admin viewIsometric view of screens

What’s next?

As the project progressed, it was decided to use an existing solution, Moodle, to host the content. My role also included learning how to use Moodle, implement and manage the content provided by Posifon and make the platform behave similar to the flows defined in this prototype. The Moodle site is currently being evaluated and tested by the target group.

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