Kajsa Olofsson Design

I am a human-centered designer, currently freelancing within UX.

How can I support your business?

I have experience supporting large companies and start-ups within welfare technology, medtech, transport and automotive industries. I enjoy the iterative nature of design and I can support you in any stage of your process.

Create insights through user research

This will help you learn more about your target group and their needs. I believe that user research is beneficial in every project to trigger innovation and to ensure that we are solving the right problem.

Evaluate products or services

This can be done with usability testing, interviews, surveys, workshops or observations depending on your needs. With a human-centered approach, I will do my best to help you find solutions that support your users.

Ideate and identify solutions

This is one of the most exciting phases of a project. Entering it with an iterative approach, involving stakeholders, and using the identified needs as a startpoint makes it easier to steer this creative process towards success.

Prototype, illustrate and communicate

A prototype ready to implement, or a visualization of your idea to support the dialogue between stakeholders? I can also deliver presentations, illustrations and other graphics to communicate your message.

What kind of designer am I?

Well, I am still finding out. Design is a broad field and I find it difficult to choose a specific title. What I do know is that I thrive in projects with some level of complexity.

I am fascinated by all the different aspects of design and prefer to take on assignments that can cover a little bit of everything.

Currently I am working as a consultant within UX design in the automotive industry, through my company Kajsa Olofsson Design AB. Feel free to reach out for requests and collaborations, I am always up for a challenge and I love to learn new things.

Kajsa Olofsson Design

Kajsa OlofssonMSc Industrial Design Engineering

Chalmers 2020

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